Choate Engineering Performance

Why Us?

So you are looking for an engine, but who should you choose? When choosing an engine builder there are many questions most don’t know to ask. Which many times leave them disappointed. First, ask to see the shop, the investment they are willing to make on equipment will give you a great idea as to what kind of commitment they are willing to make to you as a customer. Machine work is everything, if you start with a bad foundation everything else that is built from there is in vain. Machine shops are a dying breed. What once could be found in most parts stores in the ’60s and ’70s when engines lasted less than 100k miles mandated a machine shop behind the parts counter. Some of the biggest customers of equipment manufacturers were parts distributors. However as engines no longer require rebuilding at short intervals, and in today’s time have become what we call “throw away cars” in some instances, these shops have closed their doors. And those that have stayed open are still running the same equipment they did in the ’60s and ’70s. Which no longer holds the tolerances that it once did. This is the norm, we ran into just this scenario when we started. And because of it, we fell victim to things such as incorrect surface finishes on cylinder walls. Which led to premature ring wear, and cost us thousands of dollars to redo. But because we are in the diesel business, dealing with very expensive engines. We have invested in the very best of the best. Not only CNC machines but also equipment to test and not guess. All machining processes are done with the same stringent approach, whether it be for a truck competing in sled pulling, drag racing, or some dyno event. To one that you are depending on for your livelihood as well as your family every day. All engines are built in house, every step of the way. We do everything onsite to ensure quality control is maintained! All engines are backed with the longest warranty in the business, 5 year 100k miles! We don’t cut any corners and excellence is our standard. All our engines come with more options as standard equipment than any of our competitors. Such as balancing, blueprint boring, square decking, replacement of all bearing and bushings, new harmonic balancers and flywheels of Powerstroke products, CNC honing, line honing, new guides, new seats, just to name a few. You can rest easy knowing that we stand behind our product and are willing to put our name on it! Please check out our videos to see our processes and feel free to contact us for any questions you might have. We greatly appreciate your business!