Choate Engineering Performance

The Punisher 2.0 6.0 Powerstroke with a F3R 139 Procharger

CHOATE is a PROUD Sonsor of The Punisher 2.0

The Punisher 2.0 is an old school Ford pick up owned and driven by Matt Fetty based out of Pueblo, Colorado and powered by a 6.0L Power Stroke diesel engine with an F3R 139 Procharger and a three stage Nitrous Outlet fogger system. Yes you read that right, a Procharged, nitrous huffing diesel with extensive head work and porting done by Craig Armon from Developed induction Components. It’s backed by a Lenco Transmission and Bruno drive and a Neal Chance two piece lock up converter. The engine uses the stock PCM and injector control module using a custom stand alone wiring harness from Diesel Conversion Specialists in Montana and tuned by Jesse Warren using SCT software. Matt has had the truck for about ten

years after purchasing it as working ranch truck with the original 292 Y block engine and promptly swapped in a 428 Super Cobra Jet with a top loader 4 speed. The chassis was built by Greg’s Speed Shop with the rest of the fabrication done in house at his shop Fetty’s Automotive which specializes in Power Stroke repair. This is the event debut for the combo which was finished just this week with no time to test before hand. A low charging issue forced him to back off in first round of the truck class Friday. Matt Fetty, Steven Fetty, other crew includes his father Carl, Craig Armon, David Winegardener and Jeff Hetrick.

Here is the complete list of parts used on the

7.50 cert round tube mild steel chassis

Strange Engineering heavy duty double adjustable front struts

Strange Engineering double adjustable rear Coil over shocks

Strange Engineering Disk brakes on all four corners

Strange Engineering 3:70 pro gears

Strange Engineering rear four link system

Strange Engineering Yoke for both the Pinion gear and the 5 speed Lenco

Competition Engineering fabricated 9” rear axle housing

Custom made 5” aluminum drive shaft by Bills Englewood Drive Shaft

Flaming River Rack and pinion steering

Strange Engineering brake master cylinder

5 Speed LENCO drive with reverse

Bruno BRT Converter drive with Lock up conversion

Neil Chance Racing two-piece Billet lock up convert with custom made Stator

Browell bell housing

Custom made billet aluminum mid plate and mounts

Custom made billet aluminum front motor plate

Custom made billet aluminum  dry sump oil pan made in house

Custom made Oil cooler delete plate with O-ring boss ports made in house

Custom made Mounts and gear drive for the F3r 139 Procharger

Custom made billet aluminum tunnel ram intake with built-in water-cooled intercooler

Custom designed and built four-corner fed Hi Pressure Oil System.  Including O-ring Boss manifold

Stock Block

Stock crank

R&R connecting rods

River City Diesel heavy duty Tapper wall wrist pins

Custom UEM Pistons

River City Cam

ATI performance Dampener

Crower Lifters

Johnson high performance 5 stage dry sump oil system

Custom made 3/8 diameter push rods

Jesse Warren adjustable roller rockers

River City Diesel 325 cc with 245% over nozzle injectors

River City Diesel Thumper 2 high pressure oil pump

Elite Diesel Billet Flex Plate

Custom made billet aluminum valve covers made in house

ProMaxx heads with 6.4 exhaust valves.

Head Porting provided by Craig Carmon, Developed Induction Components

ARP 625+ head studs

Moroso Vacuum pump

(2) FASS 220 GPM Titanium fuel pumps

Custom billet aluminum O-Ring boss manifold for four corner fuel system

Custom made stainless steel zoomie headers

Meziere Remote water pump for engine coolant

Meziere remote water pump for the water-cooled inter-cooler with Steve Morris Mods

Nitrous Outlet 1/8” Trident Dry three stage Direct port nitrous nozzles on the intake.

Nitrous Outlet Pro mod solenoid on the 1/8” trident Dry three stage nozzle at the Charger

Nitrous Outlet Pro mod solenoid on the single stage nozzle under the intake at the charge pipe

Nitrous Outlet Promax progressive nitrous controller/data logger

RacePak IQ3  dash display

RacePak v300sd data logger

RacePak 8 cylinder EGT probe kit

PacePak low pressure oil sensor

PacePak Hi Pressure oil sensor

PacePak transmission oil pressure sensor

PacePak Transmission oil temp sensor

PacePak Engine RPM sensor

PacePak Drive shaft speed sensor

PacePak Fuel pressure sensor

Racepak right and left rear suspension travel sensors to measure chassis movement.

Purchases can be made of any of these items by clicking this link.