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Why Us?

So you are looking for an engine, but who should you choose? When choosing an engine builder there are many questions most don’t know to ask. Which many times leave them disappointed. First, ask to see the shop, the investment they are willing to make on equipment will give you a great idea as to what kind of commitment they are willing to make to you as a customer. Machine work is everything, if you start with a bad foundation everything else that is built from there is in vain.


From High End Products we use, to Products we manufacture In-House. We Can fill every need you have in the Diesel industry. If you need to give us a call please do so!


Many Argue that the Cummins is the best Diesel Engine out there. WE provide all the parts you need to make it reliable, dependable and worth your buck.


The Powerstroke Builds is what we are Known for. About 80% of the motors we build are these Diesel Beasts. Built right, they can last a lifetime. Wrong, a lot less.


Chevy is always up and coming. We sell all the parts to keep you moving in whatever application you need. Contact our knowledgable and friendly staff for help.

New Products

6.4 Valve Covers with Integrated Oiling System


6.6L Duramax Cylinder Heads Stage 1


6.4L Powerstroke Long Block DAILY DRIVER

6.4 daily driver longblock